Welcome to Botanical Home Remedies!

I’m Elizabeth Heck, herbalist and lover of anything to do with plants. I grow them, make and sell medicine from them and eat them at every given chance. When not working with plants directly, I write and teach about their amazing virtues. While I love teaching at conferences around the country, I teach online to make the information much more accessible to you.

I learned how to identify plants growing in the wild from a very early age. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties, that I started to realize their value as food and medicine. Over the decades, I have been privileged to apprentice with some of the most highly sought after herbal teachers. I bring their wisdom to this website in a way that is easy to understand for anyone wanting to take responsibility for their own health and wellness.

This is information everyone should know. This is is people’s medicine.

And this website is my gift to you! Enjoy!

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